FM4 interview and live mix

On Sept 23rd I’ve been invited to Austria’s biggest alternative radio station FM4 to promote Bootie Vienna. They did an interview with me and I also did a 30 minute live mix in the studio. For those who missed it here’s the recording. [N/A]

01.Interview Pt.1
02.DJ Schmolli – Land Of Sonic Numbers
03.Interview Pt.2
04.DJ Schmolli – Drop Your Head Day And Night
05.Interview Pt.3
06.DJ Schmolli – Genesis Zero
07.DJ Schmolli – Cooler Rock ‘n’ Roll
08.LeeDM101 – History Of A Lonely Heart
09.DJ Annalyze – Bucky’s Anthem
10.Obvious Productions – Standing In The Way Of Your Friends
11.MadMix Mustang – Is This Digital Love
12.Jay-R – My Other Car Is A Beatle
13.DJ Schmolli – Thunderbonkers
14.DJ Schmolli – Another One Bites The Bodyrox Anthem
15.Dunproofin – Frankie On Stanton