2010 – a year in mashups

Like every year some of my mashups turned out to be major hits among the scene so let’s have a look at some charts and listings for 2010.

Culture Bully did their annual mashup ranking. I managed to come in second with 3 tracks in the Top 16! If you are interested in my fav mashups of 2010 just scroll down a bit to have a look at it. [LINK]

I also made it into the Bootie charts of 2010. Also with 3 tracks, the intro, “Big Booty Bitches In Miami” and “Rude Boy Resort” in the bonus tracks section. [LINK] Downloadable as single tracks or in mixed form. By the way this compilation also made it to the number one spot on the New York Post. [LINK]

Further “Big Booty Bitches In Miami” has been the most viewed post over at AudioPorn Central in 2010. [LINK]

And also the guys from the infamous “Mash Up Your Bootz” samplers put two Schmolli tracks on the “Best of 2010” compilation! [LINK]

And finally Mash Bloc thought that “Cooler Rock ‘N Roll” is amongst the top mashups of this year. [LINK]