The Essential DJ Schmolli

This is the re-release of my best of album “The Essential”. It has been originally released in December 2008 and covers my work until this date, or in other words it’s the greatest hits from my first seven “Schnipseljagd” volumes plus a few rare tracks (e.g. “2 Songs Crashed”) that hasn’t been on these compilations. There are also a few unreleased single edits on “The Essential” and a new version of my very first mashup from 2000 named “What’s This Name For”. This double album has been hard to get and slowly disappeared from the internet throughout the years. I will be releasing another best of (now with tunes from 2008-2012) named “Mashupocalypse” soon and I felt the need to re-up this one just for the record. The first CD is kind of pop/mainstream stuff while the second CD is more for the rockers.

TOTAL TIME: 159:26 min.

CD 1 (Mild side)
01 – Justice For Billie Jean (Michael Jackson/Justice/C&C Music Factory)
02 – Mash Me Amadeus (Falco/Nelly/Luniz/Mozart/Run DMC/Def Leppard/Eric B/Fatboy Slim/…)
03 – Hollaback Thriller Girl (Single Version) (Michael Jackson/Gwen Stefani)
04 – Jacko Breaks Free On Earth (Single Edit) (Queen/Michael Jackson/Belinda Carlisle)
05 – She Works Hard To Beat The Cash Machine (Donna Summer/Hard-Fi)
06 – S.O.S. It’s Weeping Tainted Men (Rihanna/Soft Cell/Weather Girls/Skunk Anansie)
07 – Temperature Calling 2008 (Falco/Sean Paul)
08 – Check On Major Tom (Peter Schilling/Beyonce ft. Slim Thug)
09 – The Faith Message (Single Edit) (George Michael/Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five)
10 – Losing My Believe (R.E.M./Cher)
11 – No Wonderwall Diggity (Single Edit) (Oasis/Blackstreet)
12 – The Galvanized Clock Is Mine (Coldplay/David Guetta/Chemical Brothers)
13 – Feuer (Exodus Out Of The Dark) (Falco/Jan Delay/Bob Marley/David Guetta)
14 – Ice Ice Kylie (Kylie Minogue/Vanilla Ice/Modern Talking/Pussycat Dolls)
15 – Don’t Cha Push My Humps (Sugababes/Black Eyed Peas/Pussycat Dolls/Madonna/Gorillaz)
16 – Upgrade The Casbah (Single Edit) (The Clash/Beyonce/Nelly Furtado/Ofra Haza)
17 – Behind Kelly Klar-kson (Jan Delay/Kelly Clarkson)
18 – Rock Wit The Original Waterpumpee (Seeed/Offspring/Dem Franchize Boys)
19 – Don’t Cha Rock My Milkshake (Zoe/Pussycat Dolls & Busta Rhymes/Kelis)
20 – I Can’t Drop Upside Down (Ying Yang Twins/Genesis/Diana Ross)

CD 2 (Wild side)
01 – Don’t Cha Take A Robot Around South Of Heaven (Daft Punk/Slayer/Pussycat Dolls/Limp Bizkit)
02 – Oops Oh My Block Rockin’ Beats (Chemical Brothers/Tweet)
03 – Land Of Sonic Numbers (Kraftwerk/Members Of Mayday/Genesis/Iron Maiden/Cypress Hill)
04 – Since You’ve Been Rosenrot (Rammstein & Northern Lite/Kelly Clarkson)
05 – 2 Songs Crashed (Blur/Gwen Stefani)
06 – Blocalicious (Bloc Party/Fergie)
07 – Sabotaging The Kooks (The Kooks/Beastie Boys)
08 – Hamma Princes (Spin Doctors/Culcha Candela)
09 – What’s This Name For (2006 Version) (Creed/Destiny’s Child)
10 – Undone Lullaby (The Cure/Korn)
11 – God’s Gonna Cut You Down (Johnny Cash/Led Zeppelin/Beastie Boys/Ted Nugent/The Beatles)
12 – M.I.A. Wanted Dead Or Alive (M.I.A./Bon Jovi)
13 – Fire, Smoke And Tone Loc (Tone Loc/Deep Purple/Mousse T. & Emma Lanford/Mark Ronson/…)
14 – Lick It Wild Thing (Kiss/Toce Loc/20 Fingers)
15 – Jump! In The Name Of Love (Van Halen/The Supremes)
16 – Love Me On The Wild Side (Mötley Crüe/Lady Sovereign)
17 – The Great Sean Kingston Swindle (Sex Pistols/Sean Kingston)
18 – Smells Like Bleeding Love (Nirvana/Leona Lewis)
19 – Roadhouse Metal (Metallica/The Doors)
20 – Party Started, Word! (Paradise Lost/Pink)
21 – Christl Going Under (Evanescence/Christina Stürmer)
22 – Madonna’s Carcass (Carcass/Madonna)

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