Schnipseljagd Vol.14

TOTAL TIME: 76:40 min.


01 – Revolution [YT] [VIM] [DL]
(Split & Jaxta + Le Castle Vania/Black Sabbath/T-Rex/Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris/P.O.D./Empire Of The Sun/Diplo ft. Imanos & Faustix/Muse/Elliphant/Adam Kokesh)

02 – Ode To Rock ‘N’ Roll [YT] [DL]
(TJR/AC/DC/Joan Jett & The Blackhearts)

03 – Smacking Up Papaoutai [VIM] [DL]
(The Prodigy & Terravita/Stromae)

04 – Somebody To Love Like This [YT] [DL]
(SKisM ft. Virus Syndicate/Jefferson Airplane)

05 – Down On Exodus [YT] [DL]
(Bob Marley/Elliphant)

06 – Applause From Outta Space [YT] [DL]
(The Prodigy + Cut & Run/Lady Gaga)

07 – OMG Supergeil [VIM] [DL]
(Der Tourist ft. Friedrich Liechtenstein/Marteria/Deichkind)

08 – Royal Snoop [DL]
(Lorde/Snoop Dogg)

09 – I Know You Were Trouble Bitch [YT] [DL]
(Taylor Swift/AMG)

10 – Sing It Back Black Magic Woman [DL]

11 – Stay The Night With The Police [YT] [DL]
(The Police/Zedd ft. Hayley Williams)

12 – Grapevine Riders [DL]
(Marvin Gaye/The Doors)

13 – Blurred Boardwalk [YT] [DL]
(The Drifters/Robin Thicke ft. Pharrell)

14 – Let It Be Liebe.Fertig. [YT] [DL]
(The Beatles/Tubbe)

15 – Soho Bankrobber Of Fire [VIM] [YT] [DL]
(The Clash/Johnny Cash/Rancid)

16 – Biko, Jack & Diane [DL]
(John Cougar Mellencamp/Peter Gabriel)

17 – Roar Down [VIM] [DL]
(Katy Perry/The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus)

18 – Somebody Told Me To Push It [DL]
(Hyper/The Killers)

19 – Rebel Yell Over It [YT] [VIM] [DL]
(Billy Idol/Five Finger Death Punch)

20 – Smells Like Dibby Sound [DL]
(Nirvana/DJ Fresh vs. Jay Fay ft. Ms Dynamite)

21 – Warriors Of The World Care About Us [YT] [DL]
(Manowar/Michael Jackson)

00.Schnipseljagd Vol.14 (500)