Sunshine Teardrop EP

Here is a very special mashup, it’s been a long journey to get this one together. On March 30th soul legend Bill Withers passed away. I had this idea to mix one of his signature songs “Ain’t No Sunshine” with “Teardrop” by Massive Attack. While re-arranging the instrumental elements to a totally new backing track I had the idea to also do a “live band version” with musicians from around my area. Everyone I asked (please check the individual musicians with links to their bands in the Youtube describtion!) has been totally down for it and so everybody recorded their parts at their homes/studios, since we couldn’t meet up because of the Coronavirus situation. Last not least I felt so very special about this track that I’ve also asked Kill_mR_DJ to give me his interpretation of my mashup. He remixed “Sunshine Teardrop” and also added some vocals by Kaleo. Watch all 3 videos below and download the EP below (single downloads available below)

1. “Sunshine Teardrop” [DL]
2. “Sunshine Teardrop” (Band Version) [DL]
3. “Sunshine Teardrop” (Kill_mR_DJ Kaleo Remash) [DL]