Schnipseljagd Vol.7

TOTAL TIME: 61:13 min.


01 – Busy Fuckin’ In The Bushes [YT] [DL]
(Oasis/Sean Paul/Fergie/House Of Pain/Faith No More/Kelly Clarkson/Jay-Z)

02 – Justice For Billie Jean [VIM] [DL]
(Michael Jackson/Justice/C&C Music Factory)

03 – I Can’t Drop Upside Down [YT] [DL]
(Ying Yang Twins/Genesis/Diana Ross)

04 – Horny Take Off (Single Edit) [YT] [DL]
(Jack Rokka vs. Betty Boo/Mousse T. ft. Emma Lanford)

05 – Last Night A DJ Sexed My Drive [DL]
(Glam ft. Pete Burns/Indeep/Black Box/Dead Or Alive)

06 – Alt Is A Battlefield
(Pat Benatar/Texta ft. Blumentopf)

07 – Hickefaction
(Rolling Stones/Hicke & die starken Männer/Peter, Bjorn & John/Edi Finger)

08 – Sledgehammer & The Cherry Tree [YT] [DL]
(KT Tunstall/Peter Gabriel)

09 – I Won’t Be Crying Out Of The Dark [YT] [VIM] [DL]

10 – M.I.A. Wanted Dead Or Alive [YT1] [YT2] [DL]
(M.I.A./Bon Jovi)

11 – Leuchtturm Room [DL]
(Nena/Under The Influence Of Giants)

12 – Fire, Smoke And Tone Loc [DL]
(Tone Loc/Deep Purple/Mousse T. & Emma Lanford/Mark Ronson ft. ODB/Too Kool Chris/The Tramps/Busta Rhymes ft. Pharrell)

13 – Smells Like Bleeding Love [YT] [DL]
(Nirvana/Leona Lewis)

14 – Sabotaging The Kooks [YT] [DL]
(The Kooks/Beastie Boys)

15 – Say It Right And Fuck The World [YT] [DL]
(Turbonegro/Nelly Furtado)

16 – Sido verloren in Berlin [DL]

00.Schnipseljagd Vol.7 (400)