Schnipseljagd Vol.3

TOTAL TIME: 56:11 min.


01 – Monster-Mash-Up (Part II) (Intro)
(20th Century Fox Theme/Lordi/Beatsteaks/The Clash/Supremes/Rick James/2 Unlimited/Michael Jackson/Duran Duran/Madonna/Kelly Clarkson/Village People/Megadeth/Alf Poier)

02 – Check On Major Tom [VIM] [DL]
(Peter Schilling/Beyonce ft. Slim Thug)

03 – S.O.S. It’s Weeping Tainted Men [DL]
(Rihanna/Soft Cell/Weather Girls/Skunk Anansie)

04 – Hips Don’t Lie (L’ombelico de la Vida) [YT]
(Shakira ft. Wyclef Jean/Jovanotti/Ricky Martin)

05 – Cha Cha You Back
(Ursula 1000/Jackson 5)

06 – Kasperl (Intro)
(Das Department/Seeed)

07 – Rock Wit The Original Waterpumpee [DL]
(Seeed/Offspring/Dem Franchize Boys)

08 – Wild Side Chica
(Sublime/Lou Reed)

09 – Crazy Baby It’s You
(Gnarls Barkley/The Shirelles)

10 – No Wonderwall Diggity [DL]

11 – Luxurious Diana [YT] [VIM] [DL]
(Michael Jackson/Gwen Stefani)

12 – Jump! In The Name Of Love [DL]
(Van Halen/The Supremes)

13 – Got Me Under Hip Hop
(ZZ Top/Dead Prez)

14 – The Darkening Forca [DL]
(Moonspell/Nelly Furtado)

15 – Ron Burgundy (Intro)
(Will Farrell as Ron Burgundy)

16 – Get Blinded By Fear
(At The Gates/Sean Paul)

00.Schnipseljagd Vol.3 (400)