Schnipseljagd Vol.6

TOTAL TIME: 58:56 min.




01 – Die Schallplattenfachverkäuferin (Intro)
(From former East German television)

02 – Oops Oh My Block Rockin’ Beats [VIM] [DL]
(The Chemical Brothers/Tweet)

03 – Don’t Cha Take A Robot Around South Of Heaven [YT] [DL]
(Daft Punk & Soulwax/Slayer/Pussycat Dolls/Limp Bizkit)

04 – Land Of Sonic Numbers [YT] [DL]
(Kraftwerk/Members Of Mayday/Genesis/Iron Maiden/Criminal Element Orchestra/Cypress Hill)

05 – Back Door Santa Getting It On [YT] [DL]
(T-Rex/Clarence Carter/Whitney Houston/Jessica Simpson/additional beats & bells by DJ Schmolli)

06 – She Works Hard To Beat The Cash Machine [YT] [DL]
(Donna Summer/Hard-Fi)

07 – Losing My Believe [YT] [DL]

08 – Soul Rebels Come Together
(Bob Marley/The Beatles)

09 – London Desecration
(Red Hot Chili Peppers/Fergie/John Lennon)

10 – Hamma Princes [YT] [DL]
(Spin Doctors/Culcha Candela)

11 – Die sauberen Reinis (Intro)
(Stefan Weber & Drahdiwaberl)

12 – Lick It Wild Thing [DL]
(Kiss/Tone Loc/20 Fingers)

13 – The Great Sean Kingston Swindle [DL]
(Sex Pistols/Sean Kingston)

14 – Celebrity John B.
(Hole/The Beach Boys)

15 – Groovecopter [YT]
(Bloc Party/Madonna)

16 – Deja Vu-vu
(Iron Maiden/Beyonce ft. Jay-Z/No Doubt ft. Outkast)

17 – Roadhouse Metal [DL]
(Metallica/The Doors)

00.Schnipseljagd Vol.6 (400)