Frankentunes – The Halloween Mashup Collection

Throughout the years I have produced a bunch of tracks especially for Halloween as well as others which were released not exactly at Halloween but fit greatly for this occasion. So here is a collection of all of these scary and/or fun tunes featuring 5 mashups (*) that cannot be found on any of my other compilations. This is the 2017 expanded edition.

TOTAL TIME: 55:33 min.

01 – Carly Rae’s Black Parade (My Chemical Romance/Carly Rae Jepsen)* [YT]
02 – Hollaback Thriller Girl (Michael Jackson/Gwen Stefani) [YT]
03 – Papa Was A Ghostbuster (Ray Parker Jr./The Temptations) [YT]
04 – Centerfold Astro Zombies (J. Geils Band/Misfits)* [YT]
05 – Somebody’s Watching Thriller (Rockwell/Michael Jackson)* [YT]
06 – In-A-Gadda-Blue-Monday (New Order/Iron Butterfly) [YT]
07 – Heathens Breakout (Daniel Deluxe/Twenty One Pilots)* [YT]
08 – KNASbusters (Steve Angello/Ray Parker Jr.) [YT]
09 – Ghosts And Fear For Halloween (Deadmau5/Alice Cooper/At The Gates) [YT]
10 – The Hills Have Blue Eyes (The Weeknd/The Who/The Hills Have Eyes) [YT]
11 – Cold As Superbeast Prometheus (Kraddy/Foreigner/Rob Zombie/Hellraiser) [YT]
12 – Undone Lullaby (The Cure/Korn) [YT]
13 – Focussin’ On The Devil (Van Halen/Ariana Grande/Anton LaVey)* [YT]
14 – Drop It Like Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath/Snoop Dogg & Pharrell/Anton LaVey) [YT]
15 – Satan.Omen.Death (Jerry Goldsmith/Diamanda Galas/Manowar/Turbonegro/Iron Maiden) [YT]

Youtube trailer for the original 2013 version


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