Slayed, Chopped And Recycled (EP)

This is my tribute to one of my fav metal bands, Slayer. All tracks are were already available on different “Schnipseljagd” albums, this is just a collection of those four with some special artwork.

TOTAL TIME: 12:16 min.

01 – Ensemble Of Aces (Motörhead/Slayer) [YT]
02 – Queen Will Slay You (Slayer/Queen) [YT] [VIM]
03 – Breath Dead Skin (The Prodigy/Slayer/Tommy Vance)
04 – Don’t Cha Take A Robot Around South Of Heaven (Daft Punk & Soulwax/Slayer/Pussycat Dolls/Limp Bizkit) [YT]