Support me during the Coronavirus times by buying me a coffee

So here’s a post not including new music but ways to support me during this difficult times. As you know the coronavirus is spread all over the world by now and people were requested to stay at home and avoid social contacts as far as possible. And I support that at a 100%. The downside of that is that all of my DJ bookings were either cancelled or, if I’m lucky, postponed to a later date. Which of course can easily change as well since nobody knows when this crises is over.

So I have been DJing for a long time and produced mashups and remixes for ages. Over the years many people were asking me how they can support me because they really enjoy what I am doing.  A year ago I have decided to put up my “The Kurt EP” to Bandcamp where people were able to support me with a little money, by choice of course because I do not sell my mashups. So while many downloaded the EP for free quite a bunch of people also donated some money which I really appreciate. 🙏

So how can you support me these days? Well the Bandcamp “Name your price” function is still active over there. But I have also created a site on Buy Me A Coffee ☕️ Both sites work with Paypal.

I really appreciate any amount you are willing to give. Feel free to support me by telling your friends about the stuff I do as well. Be assure that I will NEVER charge any money for my mashups, you can stream and even download everything here or from my other social media sites for free.

Thanks for your support, stay safe everybody! ❤️

PS. I started a photography site some time ago since I really like to shoot things 📸 …like this cup of coffee for instance. Find more of my pics on these official Busyshutter sites [Instagram] [Facebook].