2013 – a year in mashups

2 tracks in the “Best of Bootie” selection plus “Perfect Love” in the bonus tracks [LINK]









“Producer of the year” and “Ode To Rock ‘n’ Roll” coming in 2nd on “Mashup of the year” over at Mashstix [LINK] Also 6 (!) tracks in the “Best of Mashstix 2013” yearmix [LINK]






5 tracks in the “Best of 2013” by “Mash-Up Your Bootz” [LINK]







“Roar Down” in the “2 Good 4 Radio” top 50 [LINK]







Further here’s “Roar Down” on a Reddit poll for “The Best Mashups of 2013” [LINK]. “Final Record Spin Kids” is in the top 50 of 2013 on Source Addiction [LINK]. Also other DJs/producers mentioned my tracks as well in their lists, like Colatron who has 4 Schmolli tracks in his selection [LINK] and Otschen who nominated “Somebody To Love Like This” [LINK].