2009 – a year in mashups

Every year this time around various mashup lists and charts are released. Time to have a look what DJ Schmolli achieved this year 😉

Starting off with the annual mashup charts over at Culturebully. “The Trooper Believer” made it to the top spot! [LINK]

Also DJ Schmolli’s “Crush Of Me” is on the Culturebully “Mashed 2009” compilation. [LINK]

And I made it on the “Best Of Bootie 2009” album with “Bulletproof Radar”. Also check out the bonus tracks, “Complicated Sex On Fire” & “Toxic geht ab!” are mentioned there as well! [LINK]

“The Trooper Believer”, my most watched clip on youtube this year, also made it on # 10 spot on the AudioPorn Central top 20 this year. [LINK]

Last not least I’m on the Mash Up Your Bootz compilation “Best Of 2009”, this time with a tune named “Shut Up Brooklyn Sandman”. [LINK]