EVERYTHING (Discography)

No more missing any of DJ Schmolli’s releases, no more bad Youtube rips that are circling on the web. Here is your chance to grab EVERYTHING, from the first mashup I did in 2000 until the ones from 2018, that’s almost 7 gb and over 400 tracks. Click THIS link and leech away, just copy & paste the provided Mega links into your browser. And remember this is for promotion only, please support the original artists!

Here’s what’s inside the zip files:

Schnipseljagd Vol.1-17
Pirate Nation Vol.1-6
80s NOW!
80s NOW! (Extended Versions)
Falco Reloaded
Frankentunes (2017 Expanded Edition)
Man masht deutsch
Mashupocalypse-More Essentials (Greatest Hits 2)
The Essential DJ Schmolli (Greatest Hits)

19 Shades Of Sway (a.k.a. the ‘MOARRR Mix’)
19.59 Minutes Of Fame
Bass Down Low
Breaking Disco Balls
DIF Minimix
Disco Radio Action
DJcity DE Mixtape
Fonky Disko
Nova Rock 2018 Mashup Minimix
Promo Mix 2014
Rave & Roll (Promo Mix 2017)
Slayed, Chopped And Recycled (EP)
The Christmas EP
Miscellaneous Mashups
Advent Calendar 2013
Advent Calendar 2016
Album Contributions
Extended Versions & Alternative Mixes
Rare Mashups
‘Rave & Roll’ Mashup Pack

So, is this really the full discography? Well kinda. First off it’s my mashup discography, so I didn’t include the remixes I’ve done. I have not included the “Supermax Supermix” which has nothing to do with mashups. It is still available for stream/download HERE though. Also I have not included demos that I’ve posted or even put up for download for a short period of time. So if you have “Liebesmolotov” or “Shelter Levels” on your harddrive count yourself lucky. I did not include ringtones and audio interviews I’ve posted in the past. Finally I did not include live recordings of my shows and a few very old and not really representative mixtapes.

I have made a few changes on how to get to the download links. On the individual album/tracks page you just hit the long button which says “Download links” and you’ll be linked to Peeplink. From there you just copy/paste the links from the download host you prefer into your browser address bar. There are reasons I am using Peeplink now. I didn’t want to link directly from my website to these host sites. There’s an advantage also, since you have all links of the 3 hosts on one Peeplink site you can switch quickly between them if a link is broken.

Before we party here’s just some other tips on how to find and download stuff here.

*) Looking for a specific mashup of mine. I have a search bar on the right top of my site that’s overseen quite often.

*) Here’s a few things you wanna click on when it pops up:
[YT] links to the Youtube video of that song
[DM] links to the Dailymotion video of that song
[STR] links to the Streamable video of that song
[VIM] links to the Vimeo video of that song
[SC] when the track is uploaded to Soundcloud this is the link to stream/download
[DL] when the track is uploaded to sowndhaus.audio this is the link to stream/download


DJ Schmolli discography (600)

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