Slayed, Chopped And Recycled (EP)

This is my tribute to one of my fav metal bands, Slayer. All tracks are were already available on different “Schnipseljagd” albums, this is just a collection of those four with some special artwork. Stream and download the individual tracks below or download the full EP incl. artwork HERE (GDrive) or HERE (Yandex.Disk) or HERE (Box)

01 – Ensemble Of Aces (Motörhead/Slayer) [YT]

02 – Queen Will Slay You (Slayer/Queen) [YT] [VIM]

03 – Breath Dead Skin (The Prodigy/Slayer/Tommy Vance)

04 – Don’t Cha Take A Robot Around South Of Heaven (Daft Punk & Soulwax/Slayer/Pussycat Dolls/Limp Bizkit) [YT]

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