Schnipseljagd Vol.4


01 – Sendersuche (Intro)
(Gustav Götz/DJ Zebra/various samples)

02 – Ice Ice Kylie [YT] [DL]
(Kylie Minogue/Vanilla Ice/Modern Talking/The Pussycat Dolls)

03 – Jacko Breaks Free On Earth [VIM] [DL]
(Queen/Michael Jackson/Belinda Carlisle)

04 – Temperature Calling Another Day
(Falco/Sean Paul/Madonna)

05 – Papa Was A Ghostbuster [DL]
(Ray Parker Jr./The Temptations)

06 – Behind Kelly Klar-kson [DL]
(Jan Delay/Kelly Clarkson)

07 – Mesmerized Smile
(Faith Evans/Lily Allen/K-os)

08 – Mista Nasty One Minute [DL]
(Del Tha Funkee Homosapien/Missy Elliott/Beastie Boys/Janet Jackson/Touch & Go/Supremes/Khia/Supremes)

09 – Perfect Rump [DL]
(Deep Purple/Beastie Boys)

10 – Ça Plane Pour Clint [YT]
(Plastic Bertrand/Gorillaz)

11 – Undone Lullaby [VIM] [DL]
(The Cure/Korn)

12 – Breathe Dead Skin
(The Prodigy/Slayer/Spoken Intro by Tommy Vance)

13 – From Paris To Sonne

14 – Treffpunkt Ö3 (Intro)
(Gustav Götz @ Treffpunkt Ö3 Podcast)

15 – Christl Going Under
(Evanescence/Christina Stürmer)

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