Rare mashups

Here’s a collection of mashups that are not available on the previous “Schnipseljagd” compilations (newest on top).

Rihanna’s Kabinenparty [YT] [VIM]
(Rihanna/Skero ft. Joice Muniz/Frauenarzt & Manny Marc/David Guetta ft. Kid Cudi/Rick Lee)

Secret Love Satellite [YT] [VIM]
(Nadine Beiler/Lena Meyer-Landrut)

Music Drop [VIM] [YT]
(Ying Yang Twins/Seeed)

Anton, The Riddle Baby
(Gigi D’Agostino/DJ Ötzi)

Get The Playstation Party Down
(Superchild vs. Die Chiller)

God’s Gonna Cut You Down (Johnny Cash Allstar Band) [YT1] [YT2]
(Johnny Cash/Led Zeppelin/Beastie Boys/Ted Nugent/Beatles)

Whoomp! I Scrubbed It Again [YT]
(Britney Spears/TLC/Ace Of Base/Tag Team)

Ain’t No Other Rammstein Eskimo
(Rammstein & Eskimos & Egypt/Christina Aguilera)

What’s This Name For (2006 Version) (re-recording of my first mashup from 2000)
(Creed vs. Destiny’s Child)

2 Songs Crashed [YT] [VIM]
(Blur/Gwen Stefani)

10 comments on “Rare mashups

  1. Schmolli been following your work from your early begining…just like wine with age you keep getting better (: big hi from the mediteranean island of malta

  2. you did a great work schmolli!
    but i can´t find Gigi Ötzi – Anten, The Riddle Baby anymore. Could you upload it somewhere? :)

    Keep on mashing!

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