Pirate Nation Vol.1

Half hour mix released July 2010.

01.DJ Schmolli – Bootie Intro
02.DJ Schmolli – Cooler Rock ‘n’ Roll (Crookers & Junkie XL/Joan Jett)
03.DJ Schmolli – Pet Shop Beatles (Pet Shop Boys/The Beatles) [unreleased demo]
04.DJ Schmolli – Sweet Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics & Steve Angello/ReCover Project)
05.DJ Schmolli – Big Booty Bitches In Miami (Bombs Away/LMFAO/Busta Rhymes/Sir Mix-A-Lot)
06.DJ Schmolli – No Good Cockeyed Tiger (The Prodigy/Survivor/Monosurround/Peaches)
07.DaveRemix – Heiß und kalt (Rammstein/Katy Perry)
08.DJ Schmolli – Since You’ve Been Rosenrot (Rammstein/Kelly Clarkson)
09.DJ Schmolli – Rude Boy Resort (Papa Roach/Rihanna)
10.DJ Schmolli – In The Mood For Some Killing (Glenn Miller/Rage Against The Machine) [demo]

Pirate Nation Vol.1 by Dj Schmolli on Mixcloud


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