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11 comments on “Newsletter

  1. Hi master! how are you? hey I’m from Argentina and heard many of your works. Sensational your mix. The truth without words. I know how you do your sessions in when you come alive?? you use and the mix you made​​? or do you live with some program? wanted to know if I can reply my doubts. Sorry for my English because I do not speak or write, just use GOOGLE translator. So if you see something wrong in my translation was not my fault lol. a hug and I hope to hear from you soon.

  2. If you’re trying to make Endless Summer of ’69 exclusive you may want to lock it down on YouTube. I was able to download it (89 MB) using YouTube Downloader. I look forward to the newsletter.

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  6. Have a nice day.
    How i can take only the musical base from a song?
    It’s hard to reply, hope you want do it.

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