26 comments on “Music

  1. Your mashups are awesome… It would be cool if you could make a tutorial on how to make one… Thanks…

  2. I’ve heart your “Rock of Ages” Mashup two weeks ago in my favorite club called Steinbruch-Theater.
    I was very happy to find it here.
    Keep on rocking.

  3. Hey DJSchmolli,
    hör mich grad durch Deine Sachen bei Youtube- Du bist der Hammer! Echt coole Songauswahl bei Deinen Mixes. Legst Du in nächster Zeit mal in Frankfurt/Main oder in Las Vegas auf?

    • vielen dank. im moment ist für diese städte nix geplant. frankfurt kann aber durchaus mal passieren. werde heuer zwar noch in den staaten am start sein aber für las vegas hab ich bislang keinen gig…

      • Danke für Deine schnelle Antwort! Ich werde die Augen und Ohren offen halten :-) Coole Sache mit Cro übrigens!

  4. Hi, sorry if the question has already been addressed. Do you have a special training/educaiton in music, I suppose?

    I like your works, thanks!

  5. Yo dj you saved my life last night :) joking , But on the real, man yours is good medicine. I will be spreading the good word about you and the powerfully helpful affects your style has on a troubled mind, to promote you all that you do. My hope is doctors will start prescribing music in general much more to help mentally bothered types like me. I could have done without nasty xanax had I been informed to get out and move to music like yours. Can’t thank you and my friend who showed me your stuff enough!!! :) You truly make the world a better place! Someday I gotta make it to a show :) Oh and also it would be really cool to know whe creative process you use. Like how your mind roles tunes around to make them fit so well…. peace out homie! !

  6. pirate nation 4 is absolutely insanely good. rock of ages and your dub mashup are great too. well pretty much everything you do, but seriously pn4 is just bonkers good

  7. I know everyone is always saying how much they love your music and they should because it is Amazing . You have an amazing gift and talant for music. As a musion myself I am completly amazed with your smooth changes and with songs you would never think could be in the same relm.
    If you ever decide to come out with a tutorial I would love to be notified – Thank you for sharing your gifts and for making some of the most kick ass mixes on the planet – you have no equil that I have come across
    Thanks, KJ

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