„For me there are no boundaries within music. No matter what genre, old or new. Everything I like gets mashed into something unique and new!“

DJ Schmolli from Vienna (Austria) has established himself to a fixed size in the DJ business over the years. In his energetic shows musical boundaries are broken and songs from different genres and eras get mixed up to rock every party. Mashup is the magical word to thrill the audience, worldwide. Party goers in Berlin, Moscow and Rio know the score!

He produced his first mashups during the time as an active musician in 2000, parallel to this he gained some experience on the turntables. Since 2007 he has devoted himself entirely to DJing. In addition to his role as resident DJ in Munich and Frankfurt he also played DJ sets in Vienna (eg Pratersauna, U4 and Ottakringer brewery), Paris, Berlin, Budapest, Lausanne, Moscow, New York, Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro, to name just a few. Not to forget the legendary performance in the birthplace of the “Bootie” mashup parties San Francisco where over 1,300 ecstatic fans celebrated with him. At festivals Schmolli is a frequently booked act, such as the Paaspop festival in Holland or the VOLT Festival in Sopron (Hungary).

Until now DJ Schmolli has produced over 350 mashups that also get lots of radio airplay, for example on BBC Radio1 or Austria’s biggest station OE3. But above all the internet is the largest platform for his productions. His videos are reaching hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube, making him one of the most successful mashup producers in the world. He easily blended 80s cult hits with current chart toppers, mixes Coldplay with the Beach Boys, Sean Paul with Falco. Or why not taking all the stadium hymns & singalongs and blending them into the “Super Bowl Anthem”? Even print media such as the “Washington Post” and the “Toronto Star” have already become aware of him.

DJ Schmolli is not only mixing existing material into mashups, occasionally he also produces his own tracks and remixes, like his moombahton remix of “Iko Iko” and his dubstep remix of Seether’s “Tonight” with which he went runner-up in an official remix contest with more than 200 participants.

In 2016 DJ Schmolli is rocking the clubs again! In addition to appearances thoughout Europe where he presents his latest productions an U.S. tour for early this year is also on the map.


33 comments on “Bio

  1. Hi, I’m looking for your video LUXURIOUS DIANA (INCREDIBLE MASHUP) in best quality possible, and checked on my blog, the link to Mediafire but this is down. Is it possible to share it?
    i’m follow in twitter.


  2. Just curious but do you also go by the name ‘Kellys Sevlac’ or did someone rip off one of your mashups? I just saw it posted on Mashup World (2nd page) and sounds exactly like your mashup ‘Just the way you set fire to the rain.’

    BTW, your music is great! Especially love the superbowl anthem! :)

  3. your mashup of jess mills vs goety is really incredible, it is really a great song, (the original versions are less interesting)
    I have a request : is it possible to remix the Betty davus blue song with adel voice or other artist… i like the sound of these song but nobody have makin a new modern version, so Djschmolli will have the inspiration.
    Good job, yours sinceraly ,
    Roomsty (french fan)

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  5. Ich bin heute durch ein Posting bei Facebook auf die Aufmerksam geworden.Wahnsinn hast mich voll mit deinen Mixen infiziert.Richtig Musik zum Autofahren.Bitte unbedingt weiter so.
    Gruß aus Düsseldorf

  6. Hello there, I really want the Paper Planes/Wanted mix please? Could you please email me an MP3 of this…..Darren from Australia!

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  8. Hey so i’m doing a song analysis on your remix of 500 miles and titanium and I was wondering if you had a reason for making this song. Also its hard to pick out the instruments in the song. I assume most of them are computerised? Could you tell me some of the main instruments used. Thankyou:)

    • I have used the original guetta instrumental and the original proclaimers acapella. i cannot remember how i came up with it. technically i think i had to pitch titanium up a half tone to also make it e major like the proclaimers song.

  9. hello there great stuff… Im in the states and was wondering what software you use. it sounds great and im interested in maybe getting the software. Keep up the great work…DJ MEISTY

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  11. I stumbled across your music through a bootleg you did with Dj’s Form Mars, and it was good so i wanted to see what you are about …OMG!! dude you are mid blowing!!! Keep up the good work and you are extremely generous to have you music available to DL for your fans! I mean who keeps it as real as that?!?!
    I have been a fan for about a week and a half and I honestly cant get enough of your music, driving working, lounging you name it!! I am also a DJ and you have really enlightened me that I am so exited to go out and mix music together like when I first fell in love with the art form.

  12. may be that your sets are played on the German TV channel ,, DELUXE MUSIC Respect “”? I only pay attention to you. I just thought to myself: “this person who so brilliantly can mix music and the related videos together, who recorded music already with breast milk and understands what his craft !! I have been staying never really the / the right! DJ heard / knew who could my proper fulfillment of the “Remix” satisfy music …. but then you have come! Thank you meet my musical tastes exactly! it would be really nice if you me on my e-mail address Write back! Greetings & Thanks Melanie

    • Hey Melanie. Thanx for digging my stuff. Yes you are right, some of my mashups/videos get airplay on the “Disco Deluxe” show on Deluxe Music. If you don’t mind I’ll add your email to my newsletter so you don’t miss a beat. :)

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