Send your booking requests to booking[at] Please include date(s), city & venue, event name & venue size.

Promo Mix 2014 by Dj Schmolli on Mixcloud

13 comments on “Booking

  1. Hello Schmolli. I’m totally in love with your mixes, bootlegs, etc. I must Deejay Battle in Denmark for a week and was wondering: Do you have any acapellas I can get?

  2. I am looking for DJs for my network….please send me an mp3 of your show for consideration ….

  3. Hey DJ Schmolli did you know one of you mashups is in a film??? Titanium 500 is in the new film Pitch Perfect. the main girl is listening to it whilst sitting on some grass outside her college

  4. Hi, big fan of your work. Check out Spandau Ballet’s “True” and Blue Rodeo’s “Try”. Call me crazy but I think they are very similar.

  5. Hi Dj Schmolli.

    Excelent video of the Revolution. I invite to see this video. Is a video of the protest on Venezuela. I wish that you do, a video of a revolution with images of the protests in Venezuela.


    Dj JC Venezuela


    Is only one of miles of videos.

  6. Hi DJ Schmolly, are you available in August, 22 or 23 to join us as a headliner on Sound System Stage – Rock Village festival in Serbia. This year we celebrate 10th aniversary. Location – smollest serbian village, close to Romainan border, 80km from Belgrade. Regards Mirko

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